Straitjacket EP

by Mindcage Escape

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released September 1, 2014



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Mindcage Escape Bucharest, Romania

Mindcage Escape formed in February 2012 and is based in
Bucharest, Romania.
Over the course of its first two years, the band shaped its
sound, first songs and line-up. Given the members' musical
influences and preferences, the music morphed into a mix of
old-school and modern progressive metal.
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Track Name: Crash & Burn
frail creation of an absentee god
failed mutation bathing in its own blood
hounds of satan
when we fall, we fall together

deceivers - clueless demigods
illusions – the bread we feast upon
sow violence – strike back those who oppose
reap silence – where words fail, use the force

moralist leaders clenching bibles and swords
sip their nectar on the top of the world
rise in power
final - the hour
modest patrons in their ivory towers

no last word - none deserved
crash & burn – struck a nerve?
just stop and ask them: “what did we learn?” - what did we learn?
no second chance for dilettantes - ignorance

The rotten
The phony
The sadists
you and me

Follow – NO
The blind – WAR
Cripple – NO
The mind - LORE

wasted - NO
Dreams - HOPE
Conscious - NO
Debauchery – MORE

* * *

Feeding on matter to sustain the spirit
The closer the vision, the farther the touch
We are slaves to this drug of our own conception
Sentenced to fail, sentenced to sell our souls

NO !
NO !!
NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live to watch it crash & burn

frail creation of an absentee god
failed mutation bathing in its own blood
devolution, nature’s retribution
watch it crash and burn as the final solution
Track Name: Straitjacket
“I have felt the wind on the wing of madness pass over me.”

Lifelong symphony
All those years of self-destruction
Left me hanging by a thread

I’m still alive
Cast away, reborn insane
Lazarus begrimed
Let sickness subside

thrown back into this picture perfect world
sky-high on sentimental overload
hatred, hatred
no sanctuary in this
moronic voracious perpetual rat race

you’d better run
faster, faster
you’re the one you’re running after

face to face, against the mirror I crawl
a thousand needle-sharp voices that are
taunting me, grasping me, forcing me
to lose control

I’ve lost control
Buried this world in the ashes of my soul

Self-confinement medication
Pain atoned, still the need entails
For a time to cease tribulations
Embrace the change and...

Track Name: Bitter Celebration
sever the nexus
the core is dead
the core is

dead men tell no tales
stand straight when all else fails?
bridges burn, no return
bars, cuffs, chains
all will come undone the same

a time to choose
a time to save
tracing footsteps heading to the grave

bitter celebration of decay
i’ll drink my cup and walk the line today

turn loose all the demons
a point-blank revenge

lines bend, deformed
shapes move at will
structures take form
time stands still
knee-bend and twist
gargoyles awake
to open up the gates

speak thy name, oh father
speak thy truth
sell me off so that my wounds would soothe

bitter celebration of decay
i’ll drink my cup and walk the line today

lost in a kaleidoscope of
timeless retrospectives again
spinning, overwhelming, tornado
bloody halo

the break of the day
the shadow betrays
backstabbing heroes
your time in not near
your time is now

dead end sighting - give up fighting
die hard rebel, lonely devil

let pain settle, floor the pedal
one decision: straight collision now
walls come tumbling down

…and so this is the end
the junkie met the sober
sick of talking to myself
this old monologue is over

…and so this is the end
walk straight across the border
i’m done with yesterdays
this old monologue is over

…and so this is the end
redemption’s for the seeker
no fabric to hide my scars
the spirit’s weak
the flesh is weaker

…and so this is the end
i’ve crossed beyond this portal
one final testament:
my bones to sea
my soul to orders that

i will never be
i’ll never share their apathy

for a time to choose
a time to save
heavy footsteps trading off the grave

bitter celebration of decay
i drank my cup and walked the other way

still i’m standing unbowed